PURINA® PRO PLAN® has had a bit of a transformation recently, to take it from the brilliant dog food we all know, and our dog’s love, to the next level in pet nutrition. The PURINA® PRO PLAN® range with OPTINUTRITION is their latest innovation to match our dog’s needs. We all want our dogs to get the most from every moment, from enjoying walks in the rain to curling up indoors. By harnessing the power of science, PURINA® PRO PLAN® helps owners to provide advance nutrition for their pets. Nutrition lays the foundation for optimal health and wellbeing - the starting point for your amazing life together.


Introducing PURINA® PRO PLAN® OPTINUTRITION Every dog has different nutritional requirements and their needs will change at different times of their life. PURINA® PRO PLAN® with OPTINUTRITION is an advanced and efficient combination of nutrients which has been developed using cutting-edge science and it is expertly applied to dog’s nutrition. It means that whatever’s going on in your dog’s world, you’ll find a nutritional solution to match his needs, and because the range is also organised by dog size and lifestage, you can rely on PURINA® PRO PLAN® throughout your pet’s life.

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The first year in your dog’s life is crucial to their long term health. Feed OPTISTART® to help them to build strong teeth, muscles and bones and to bridge the ‘immunity gap’ they face between leaving their mothers and having fully matured natural defences.
Nourish his love for life. Feed OPTIHEALTH® with all the nutrition they need to support their long term health and help them live an amazing life.
Some dogs have digestive systems that are sensitive and prone to digestive discomfort. A properly functioning digestive system will help your dog get the nutrients he needs from the food he eats. Food he needs to develop and thrive.
Some puppies and adult dogs have a sensitive skin but are otherwise healthy. Diet plays an important role in managing sensitive skin. OPTIDERMA® includes skin-targeting nutrients proven to help support healthy skin and beautiful coat and specially selected sources of protein to help reduce skin discomfort associated with food sensitivity.
Helping your dog to maintain a healthy weight is important for an amazing life together. A healthy weight will support joint health, a healthy immune system and a more active life for you to enjoy together. OPTIWEIGHT® is proven for healthy weight loss and effective weight management thanks to high protein, low fat and adequate fibre levels.
Highly energetic dogs have specific nutrient requirements to sustain their stamina during endurance exercise. OPTIPOWER® is a combination of key nutrients that increase endurance and support rapid muscle recovery and joint health thanks to high levels of protein and fat and omega 3 anti-inflammatory fatty acids.
Keep him enjoying life for longer. When your dog reaches full maturity their body undergoes progressive age related changes. By feeding them the right nutrition it is possible to prolong their quality of life and overall health. Feed OPTIAGETM for enhanced brain function, increased activity levels, liveliness and interest in playtime in ageing dogs.